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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Drive

Yet another blog post from ardent Google fan about its new product "Google Drive" !

Google has finally revealed its cloud based file storage and file sharing utility application "Google Drive" to user group.

Companies like Amazon, Dropbox have already marked their position in this business use case. Neverthless the curiosity of "what new & innovative approach" Google has incorporated in this product will keep us excited. 

Amazon has marked the presence in this phase in March,2011.Though the features provided in Amazon CloudDrive are very good and user friendly but the lack of developer support puts it in back seat when it comes to grabbing developer's attention and interest. Amazon cloud drive is tightly coupled with Amazon cloud player, a cloud based media player which can play most media formats. Amazon cloud player was not available for users in specific countries like India. Its strange why they did not gave access to cloud player to indian user group.

When it comes to dropbox, it is awesome application that I use to keep all my files that I need everywhere like @work, @home, @travelling,etc. I personally believe that the publicity and utility of any application is influenced by the availability of API for developers to explore, extend it by developing other apps that links to it.

Google knows it very well to provide developer API/SDK for each of its product :). For Google Drive also, they have provided API that will allow users to create, edit, delete and other such operations to be performed on files on their drive. The fact that Google has also eyed on mobile app for Drive has placed Google one step ahead as compared to its competitor.

Google has made an attempt to combine Google Wave and Google Docs. Features like real time editing, real time collaboration,etc which were part of Wave have
been incorporated in Google Drive.

so my equation for Google Drive :

Google Drive=File storage + FileSharing + Real time collaboration + Developer API/SDK

Eager to check my Google Drive ;)

* All views mentioned in above post are my personal. 

1 comment:

Andrew Stevenson said...

This is amazing I think! You can store your data easily online in Google drive.
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