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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Fix for Bluetooth Indicator bug in Ubuntu 13.10

Hi Guys,

I was facing the issue with Bluetooth in Ubuntu 13.10. I was able to connect my bluetooth headset but wasn't able to see it in my sound settings. Thus was unable to use it. To resolve it, I found a fix for this and here it follows:

1. Install the pre-requisites :

sudo apt-get install bzr build-essential

2. And install the dependencies:

sudo apt-get build-dep indicator-bluetooth

3. Branch the fork from Launchpad:

bzr branch lp:~robert-ancell/indicator-bluetooth/dont-hide-on-rfkill

4. Jump to the directory:

cd dont-hide-on-rfkill

5. Now run following command to build debian package:

This gives an error that "Unmet build dependencies: libdbusmenu-gtk3-dev libgnome-bluetooth-dev libgtk-3-dev libido3-0.1-dev libindicator3-dev valac-0.18"

Lets go ahead these dependencies:

After installing these, lets try to run this again:

as a result the debian package is created :

Lets go out to home directory and install the debian package:
go to home directory:
and then:
sudo dpkg -i indicator-bluetooth_0.0.6daily13.02.19-0ubuntu1_i386.deb 

and.. it works !! 

and then restart your system. Now the bluetooth icon remains even you turn it off and just gets grey when turned off.

Hope it helps !


Saturday, January 18, 2014

Machines+Symbiotic Artificial Intelligence=Humans

I feel extremely motivated by my dream to do research and create systems which enable machines and devices to act as full fledged human companion. So that devices observe humans, their activities, conversations and understand them to create knowledge. By augmenting such intelligent systems with information about the real world entities, their properties and such minutest details will empower them to assist humans in their day to day activities. I truly believe that there is a deep symbiotic relationship between Humans and Artificial Intelligent Systems. Just imagine time when we will be having small gadgets on our wrist, over our spectacles that would assist us in every action which needs precision and quality; Imagine system that could tell you what should be your next step based on knowledge acquired by such system by observation and knowledge from world through various sources including WWW. This will not only assure effectiveness of the task being done but also will gradually help symbiotic artificial intelligence systems to evolve rapidly. I want to build algorithms, models and systems that will enable us to leverage intelligent systems at every domain. This will definitely revolutionize the way things are accomplished by humans.