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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sneak Peak into HACK 2012, India Habitat Center

Hey Guys, If you have missed the chance to visit India Habitat Center on 16th and 17th June, 2012 then this is the right place to sneak peak into HACK 2012 action!

Hack 2012, an application development event with a unique motivation of contributing towards social cause , was organised by Google Developer Group, New Delhi on 16th and 17th June  at the India Habitat Center ,ND. It saw designers and developers transform their creative ideas into new generation apps for addressing real world challenges faced by the society today.

 The two day event provided a platform for budding developers and professionals to analyze their ideas based on education system, healthcare services, women security, disaster management and information access under the guidance of experts from various domains like journalism, economics and entrepreneurship. 

The participants were exposed to the practical implementation and the constraints by the esteemed panel experts and mentors so that they could channelise it effectively for the common man’s reach. The main theme of this event was to provide these developed apps to NGOs who could make it available to the people easily.

The event received huge support from sponsors like Google Inc(The platinum sponsors); Halabol (The Gold Sponsors); Sify (wifi sponsors);  DataWeave(Data Sponsors); Digit DevWorx (Community media sponsor).

Day 1-16th June:

The event kicked off with a light speech by Mr Uttam Tripathi , Program Manager , Developer Relations,Google.
 Dr. C S Arora,Senior Consultant at National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology (MHRD, Govt. of India) gave insight to the real world challenges, their root cause and approach to tackle them. This pumped the developers to contribute to the cause with their technical and coding skills.
Shrey Malhotra, Organiser,GDG New Delhi along with Ms Shabnam Aggarwal, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Pearson India interacted with the participants during the informal discussions. Developers spent rest of the day designing their applications, architecting the data models, designing the data flow diagrams , writing, debugging and deploying amazing codes!

Day 2-17th June:

Developers with tons of enthusiasm rushed into the India Habitat Center with their laptops, hardware and other accessories all set to accomplish their motives.
They displayed immense expertise by using latest cutting edge technologies and languages. Google App Script, Go, PHP, JAVA were used by the majority; latest cloud frameworks like DART,Google App Engine, Software Development Kits like Android SDK were used for development along with amazing utilization of Google Products and Application Programming Interface(s) offered by Google Inc. like Maps API, Search API, Android SDK, Google+ API, Google App Engine, etc.

Winners :

It was a tough job for judges to analyse and declare the winner. In the end ,the first prize was bagged by Team CodeJunkies(Vikash Agrawal,Viraj Sinha,Saurabh Sood,Nitesh Narayan Lal) who mesmerised the audience and judges with their amazing idea Y-AN-A (Yet Another NGO App) which helps individuals track nearby NGOs, make significant donations to needy, track donations and other amazing features.They also won a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Team GujjuDroid(Nixit Patel,Dipesh Patel,Jay Patel,Pratik Patel) invested significant effort to develop  BeSecure and win HTC Xplorer as Second prize. Sennheiser Headphones, the Third prize went to Team Bazinga(Nishank Varshney,Vaibhav Sinha, Ritesh Bhatia, Aayush Ahuja) for developing  Pocket Trans.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

HACK 2012-Code for a cause !

Calling all those who want to give something valuable back to the society by using their skills for a noble cause !! don't wait for the the change !! Come forward and take the step now !! 

Google Developer Group, New Delhi (formerly known as GTUG New Delhi) is organizing a hackathon with the goal of bringing together developers, designers, start-ups & NGOs to apply their imagination and thoughts to the social good sector and build product ideas for social innovation.

All you need to do is bring out those creative ideas which were always popping in your mind. This is the time to showcase the real power of your idea and imagination that can have positive impact on the Society and Mankind !

Come up with your ideas if you think:

  • Your idea is going to change the way information is accessed??
  • Do you really think your idea can bring about change the way we learn , educate people in this world ??
  • Do you feel your idea can ensure safety of women in this world??
  • Do you think you can bring change in the way healthcare operates in this entire world...Is your idea really going to save a life when really needed??
  • Does your idea have the power to save lives when there is a disaster?
  • or any other idea which you think can be useful to mankind

Date: 16th-17th June, 2012

Venue: India Habitat Center, New Delhi

For more info dive into : HACK 2012 : Code for a cause

See you in the arena !!